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LiveChill Entertainment has cultivated a loyal following of clients in the hotel and resort markets, beginning with our successful holiday activations with the W Hotels brand nationwide. This pioneering work not only launched LiveChill as a leader in the skating event industry but also ignited the entire pop-up market. Our innovative approach transforms underutilized spaces like pools and deck areas into vibrant, revenue-generating F&B hubs. Our non-refrigerated ice rinks are particularly well-suited for locations where traditional ice rinks are impractical, such as rooftops, upper-floor patios, or venues with noise, access, or power constraints. This flexibility and ingenuity have made LiveChill the go-to partner for hotels and resorts looking to enhance their guest experience with unique, engaging attractions.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: W Hotels, LA W Hotels, Scottsdale W Hotels, NY W Hotels, Taipei Westin La Canterra Westin Knaapiai Hyatt Century City Four Seasons Westfield Biltmore Hotel Fairmont Hotels Choctaw Casino Mirage Bellagio

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