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A New Era in Skating Rink Design

CHILL Entertainment announces it's next step in ice rink technology and design with an updated brand of modular ice rink technology. Through research and development the company's CHILLIce brand will feature new state-of-the-art technology is at the center of its ice rink services, with the goal of creating skating rinks that are both efficient and unique.


For many of our clients the opportunity to visualize various rink designs is an invaluable resource to the overall vision and decision process. Utilizing technology, and based on experience, CHILLIce is able to assist in the creation of various design simulations, and provide estimate calculators, which can aid in the creation of business plans, and sponsorship presentations.

CHILLIce has researched new ice rink technologies which can monitor your rink from anywhere using real time diagnostics using any wireless device. With this type of centralized management control, the result is greater energy savings and improved ice quality.


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