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Chill Entertainment Rebrands and Expands its Full-Service Marketing Capabilities for Action Sports

Peoria, AZ June 13, 2024 – Chill Entertainment proudly announces its rebranding to LiveCHILL Entertainment, reflecting a renewed vision and expanded capabilities. In partnership with its co-brand Universal Rinks, LiveCHILL Entertainment is poised to become a premier full-service marketing agency specializing in action sports, with a deep-rooted focus on popup and seasonal skating venues. This rebranding is more than a name change—it signifies a strategic evolution to combine our extensive entertainment, media, and production expertise under one umbrella, offering a comprehensive suite of services.

A New Chapter for LiveCHILL Entertainment

Since its founding in 2005, LiveCHILL Entertainment has been a pioneer in the skating industry, revolutionizing the market with innovative synthetic, non-refrigerated surfaces and leading the charge in popup event experiences. With this rebranding, we are doubling down on our commitment to creating dynamic and engaging experiences that embody the essence of a laid-back, chill atmosphere.

Through original content, live events, collaborations, and digital engagement, LiveCHILL Entertainment promotes the essence of effortless coolness, infusing every event with our signature vibe. Our expanded service offerings include:

  • Event Planning: Creating bespoke experiences that captivate and engage.

  • Skating Venue Design: Crafting visually stunning and functional venues for every occasion.

  • Construction and Operations: Ensuring seamless setup and management of event infrastructure.

  • Talent and Entertainment: Curating top-tier talent to elevate event experiences.

  • Safety Planning: Implementing robust safety measures for all events.

  • Vendor Management: Coordinating with vendors to deliver high-quality services and products.

  • Event Staffing: Providing professional staff to ensure smooth event operations.

  • POS Management: Overseeing efficient and effective point-of-sale systems.

  • Experiential Marketing: Designing interactive and immersive brand experiences.

  • Community Outreach: Building meaningful connections with local communities.

  • Sports Marketing: Developing strategies to promote action sports events and brands.

  • Sponsorship Management: Managing partnerships to maximize value and exposure.

  • Content Creation: Producing compelling and engaging content across multiple platforms.

  • PR and Media Management: Handling all aspects of public relations and media outreach.

  • Branding Development: Crafting strong, memorable brand identities.

  • Digital Media Strategy: Implementing innovative digital marketing strategies.

  • Client Management: Delivering personalized and attentive client service.

Combining Strengths with Universal Rinks

The collaboration with Universal Rinks brings together unmatched expertise in designing and operating skating venues. This synergy enables LiveCHILL Entertainment to provide a seamless and integrated approach to marketing services, particularly for action sports and skating events. Our combined strengths allow us to offer a comprehensive, agile, and efficient service portfolio, ensuring that every event we produce is infused with a cool, relaxed vibe.

"Rebranding to LiveCHILL Entertainment marks an exciting new era for us," says Brenda Hann, CEO of LiveCHILL Entertainment. "We are building on our legacy of innovation and expanding our horizons to offer a complete range of marketing services. Our co-development through Universal Rinks amplifies our capabilities, allowing us to deliver extraordinary experiences that resonate with our laid-back ethos."

Innovating for the Future

In today’s vibrant and rapidly evolving landscape, LiveCHILL Entertainment remains at the forefront of creating innovative rink experiences and pioneering new ways to engage audiences. Our classic yet inventive approach allows us to seamlessly blend entertainment, media, and activities, crafting unforgettable moments that epitomize cool vibes and a relaxed lifestyle.

"LiveCHILL is not just about events; it’s a lifestyle, and about creating moments that people remember," added Steve Frisken, COO of LiveCHILL Entertainment. "Our new identity reflects our dedication to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in action sports marketing."

Looking Ahead

As LiveCHILL Entertainment, we are more committed than ever to delivering unparalleled service and memorable experiences. We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter and look forward to continuing to set the bar high in the world of action sports and beyond.

For more information about LiveCHILL Entertainment and our services, please visit or contact us at

About LiveCHILL Entertainment

LiveCHILL Entertainment, formerly Chill Entertainment, is a leading full-service marketing agency specializing in action sports, with a particular focus on popup and seasonal skating venues. Founded in 2005, LiveCHILL revolutionized the skating market with its synthetic, non-refrigerated surfaces and innovative popup events. Together with it’s co-brand Universal Rinks , LiveCHILL is a premier provider of skating venue design and operational services, and continues to lead the industry by blending entertainment, media, and activities to create cool, memorable experiences. For more information, visit, and


Harper Kastl, Promotional Accounts Mgr

LiveCHILL Entertainment



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