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Community events are the lifeblood of LiveChill Entertainment, serving as the primary stage where our brand activations truly shine and often get their start. From municipalities and school events to church groups and retail centers, these local gatherings are eager to offer fresh and engaging activities that delight their guests and attract new visitors. Leaders in these markets are constantly seeking innovative and affordable experiences to keep their events vibrant and relevant. Given the hustle and bustle of today’s world, they are always on the lookout for the latest trends to be the first to feature them at their venues. That's why we continuously develop new, cost-effective activations to complement our signature pop-up ice and roller skating rinks. Recently, we've enhanced our community pop-up rinks by integrating DJ entertainment, creating festive atmospheres that resonate with all age groups. Additionally, we've introduced affordable entertainment and decor options to elevate the event ambiance and launched introductory marketing packages to help promote and present these events effectively. Whether it's an ice skating rink glistening in a town square or a roller skating setup adding a retro twist to a local festival, LiveChill’s activations bring excitement and community spirit to every event we touch.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: City of Lawndale, CA El Cajon, CA Newport News, VA Rancho Sahaurita Clubhouse Fort Huachuca MWR

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