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Custom rink designs provide endless possibilities for creating engaging and memorable experiences in any setting. At LiveChill Entertainment, we specialize in transforming spaces with a variety of rink options tailored to fit your unique needs and vision. Our custom rinks are designed not only to accommodate traditional ice skating but also roller skating and other action sports activities, making them perfect for diverse events and venues. Let’s explore some of our popular custom rink options:



Ribbon rinks are a popular choice for those looking to blend beauty with function. These winding, serpentine paths offer a unique and scenic skating experience, ideal for parks, festivals, and community spaces. Unlike traditional rectangular rinks, ribbon rinks encourage exploration and provide a picturesque setting that enhances the ambiance of any event. They can be customized to include gentle curves, beautiful lighting, and thematic decorations that align with the overall event or location aesthetics.


Pathway rinks create a dynamic and interactive environment where skaters can glide along predefined routes. These rinks are perfect for guiding skaters through themed zones or around specific attractions, making them a fantastic choice for large public spaces, malls, or special events. Pathway rinks can be designed to vary in width and length, accommodating a range of activities from leisurely skating to action-packed roller sports. They also provide a safe and controlled environment, allowing skaters of all ages to enjoy their time while staying on course.


Every space is unique, and custom design rinks are the ultimate solution to maximize the potential of any venue. Whether you’re working with an irregularly shaped area or have specific thematic requirements, our team can create a rink that perfectly fits your vision. From multi-level rinks that add depth and complexity to themed environments that transport skaters to different worlds, our custom rinks are designed to impress and engage. We also cater to a variety of surfaces, ensuring that whether you need real ice, synthetic ice, or a roller-friendly surface, we have the expertise to deliver.

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