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LiveChill Entertainment's unique activations have become a beloved feature at year-round festivals nationwide, perfectly blending retro charm with cool vibes to create unforgettable experiences for festival-goers seeking a great time. Our LiveChill events, with their nostalgic flair and vibrant energy, seamlessly fit into the festival scene, providing a refreshing escape and a dynamic addition to any event. Whether collaborating with existing festival production teams or delivering comprehensive services from guest management and operations to supporting marketing, our flexibility and expertise ensure smooth integration and enhanced experiences. Our involvement in festivals spans a wide spectrum, from intimate local EDM gatherings to large-scale, major festival events. As our reputation and capabilities grow, we are excited to continue expanding our presence and offering an ever-broader range of services, making each festival we participate in even more memorable and successful.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Live Nation C3 Presents Relentless Beats Lollapalooza Decadence AZ Gold Rush Phoenix Lights

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