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In 2005, LiveChill Entertainment pioneered the Original Popuprink, a synthetic, non-refrigerated ice skating rink that revolutionized the market. These rinks have gained immense popularity among communities, schools, and retail centers due to their cost-effectiveness and versatility. Ideal for temporary events ranging from one-day activations to short-term seasonal installations, our Popuprinks provide a perfect solution for creating vibrant skating experiences without the need for refrigeration. LiveChill has spearheaded the industry, inspiring many of the synthetic rinks you see today worldwide. Our packages are typically turnkey, including skates and maintenance equipment, and we offer comprehensive training in operation and upkeep. We can also provide these services full-time, part-time, or on a consultative basis. As an agency, we have brokered numerous projects, equipping us with deep expertise in the range of synthetic rink products available. This allows us to tailor the most effective solutions to meet each client's unique needs. When you encounter a synthetic rink, know that it was inspired by LiveChill, the company that brought this innovative technology to the forefront of public events.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: US Military MWR Vestar Macerich Westfield The Beach Club, LA The Johnathan Club The California Club Cross County Mall, Yonkers NY Newport News, VA

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