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LiveChill Entertainment pioneered the pop-up roller skating trend when we introduced synthetic roller rinks in 2008. While initial growth was slow, the concept truly took off when we were commissioned by LA Pride in 2012 to produce 'Thunderground,' a roller skating venue for their festival. This project was transformative—just as we had brought synthetic ice rinks to urban spaces, we now brought the roller rink experience directly to the people. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and, as with any inaugural event, we learned valuable lessons that set the stage for rapid growth in demand.

Following 'Thunderground,' our phones started ringing off the hook with inquiries from event organizers and colleges eager to bring the roller disco experience to their venues. As the trend gained momentum, the 80s nostalgia wave fueled a resurgence in retro and roller skating events. A significant milestone was our collaboration with C3 Presents, where we brought our rinks to Lollapalooza, crafting the ultimate chill experience. This high-profile partnership caught the attention of major brands looking for innovative ways to attract and engage crowds.

Much like our synthetic ice rinks, our pop-up roller rinks require minimal power but do need a solid, flat surface. When such a surface isn't available, our skilled production team can construct staging to support the rink setup. No roller rink is complete without a vibrant light show and DJ beats, making every event a party on wheels. LiveChill Entertainment continues to lead the way, transforming spaces and creating memorable experiences with our pop-up roller skating venues.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Live Nation C3 Presents Revlon Area 15, Las Vegas NV Pinehurst Resort, NC Fairmont Scottsdale Fig & 7th Arizona State University Stonybrook University, NY Grand Canyon University

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